田村 聡子

Tamura Satoko


I am a nationally licensed English-speaking guide. I was an exchange  student and stayed in the United States during my high school days.  I made a speech on Japan now and then and got many questions from the audience.  So I came to wish that my future job would be related to introducing Japan to the world. I found a tour guide for the people from abroad would be an ideal job to fulfill my dream. I got an English-speaking tour guide license when I was a college student.  Ever since that time I have guided so many guests.

At the same time, I became a junior high and a senior high part-time English teacher and continued that job for 20 years.  Moreover, my experience of looking after my aged mother enabled me to acquire some tips for taking care of elderly people.  My strong point is my ability to get along with people of all ages.  

When young, I took lessons in traditional Japanese culture:  tea ceremony, flower arrangement, calligraphy ( brush writing with Sumi, India ink ), and Noh-play singing.  My favorite subjects are Maiko and Geiko ( Geisha ), Japanese art, Japanese history, Japanese architecture, and Japanese garden.  I would like to show you around my favorite places and tell the stories behind them.  I hope you will leave Japan with a plenty of  unforgettable good memories.